Beyblade BeyLauncher L-R String Launcher & Grip Set BB-15 + BB-115

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  • Beyblade BeyLauncher L-R String Launcher & Grip Set BB-15 + BB-115
  • Beyblade BeyLauncher L-R String Launcher & Grip Set BB-15 + BB-115


BeyLauncher L-R With Grip
-The L-R Allows You To Launch Left or Right Spin.  
-The grip, which attaches to the Launcher L-R makes a convenient handle, and is also compatible with other launchers.
Compatibility: Metal Fusion, Metal Fury, Metal Fight, Metal Masters, Zero-G, Shogun Steel, 4D.  Does not work with Burst Series Beyblade items.
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Metal Fusion Fight
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14 Reviews

  • 2
    Launcher is okay

    If you don’t put a lot of power behind your launches this launcher is good for you, grip is great I swapped out the string launcher with a rip cord launcher because the string launcher kept getting pulled out of the grip when I would rip, but I still use the grip and is a perfect fit with the rip cord launcher.

  • 2

    Plastic is cheap pull too hard metal pops out and string can damage plastic in the process

  • 2
    Um it was perfect at first but then like an hour into me playing the launcher just broke and then the grip just snapped in half


  • 4
    It’s great

    This launcher is so good except the bb-115 has something inside like a plastic sounding when you shake it although it’s really good

  • 2
    Horrible launchers but decent grips

    The launchers are poorly made and cheap quality. The puller gets jammed and stuck almost every time I pulled it. When I do pull it, the string doesn’t come back, it just fully stays out. The grips aren’t too bad. They don’t hold the launchers good but they hold my normal launchers well. 3/10 rating.

  • 3
    the product

    It was a little broken but that's because I didn't know how to work it but I managed to fix it and it feel amazing

  • 4
    It's cool

    It works

  • 3
    I have bought 3 of these in total and two came in defective but the one that came in good worked really well until i broke it due to me being absolutely swole and broke the gear on the inside, this is very much for kids and not for teens if your abso

    Boop :3

  • 3
    It gets the job done.

    It is very cheap plastic, and there is no latch for the handle to the launcher, You get what you paid for, Best to just use the launcher without the handle itself, and be gentle when you launch it.

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