TAKARA TOMY Beyblade Burst Full Custom BeyLauncher LR Dynamite String Launcher B-191 - NWOP

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This is the Full Custom BeyLauncher LR from the 'Overdrive Special Starter Set'. This has been removed from the packaging to sell it individually.


Like the standard Custom BeyLauncher LR, the Full Custom BeyLauncher LR features three components, which can be customized: the Gear Unit, the Core Unit, and the Spin Unit. The "Full" part of its naming comes from the fact that it features all three Custom BeyLauncher LR component upgrades.

The Full Custom BeyLauncher LR features the Power Gear Unit (previously released with the Power Custom BeyLauncher LR), which has a smaller gear with fewer teeth than the standard Gear Unit. As a result of the changed gear ratio, the number of rotations is increased by three.

The Full Custom BeyLauncher LR also introduces the new Long Core Unit and Bearing Spin Unit. The Long Core Unit features a longer string length than the standard Core Unit. As the name suggests, the Bearing Spin Unit includes internal ball bearings that allow the prongs to freely spin.


Spin Direction: Left & Right

Ages: 8+

Compatibility: Beyblade Burst
Condition: NWOP (New Without Packaging)

Brand: Takara Tomy

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Additional Information

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Dynamite / QuadDrive
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5 Reviews

  • 5
    LR DB launcher

    It’s works perfectly fine even though after some uses it starts making a sound and the rip cord retraction is slower but that’s happens with all DB string launchers. Overall it’s really good

  • 4
    I think it was very strong and durable

    I would buy this item again

  • 3
    Decent but also flawed

    The launcher in general can be really powerful but be careful when using Dangerous Belial perfect gear with it because whenever I launch it, it bursts and I this is due to the prongs being a bit too open in the area where the bearing is placed plus it kind of croaks at that point. Be careful when using this and I recommend switching the prongs to a normal one because it keeps things faster, easier and harmless as the issue was resolved when I used that method.

  • 2
    Didn't last

    After using this launcher for a few days, I noticed it's making a weird sound and lagging when retracting. I expected better quality for the price I paid.

  • 4
    This launcher is actually rlly good and has a lot of power the only downside Imo is that switching the spin rotation isn’t the best


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