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TAKARA TOMY Beyblade Burst Superking Triple Booster Set B-171

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  • TAKARA TOMY Beyblade Burst Superking Triple Booster Set B-171
  • TAKARA TOMY Beyblade Burst Superking Triple Booster Set B-171


Three Beyblades included in this set:
1x Tempest Dragon Charge Metal 1A Beyblade
1x Curse Satan Aero' Hold' 1D Beyblade
1x Naked Diabolos 11 Wave Goku Beyblade

Compatibility: Beyblade Burst

Condition: NIP (New In Packaging)

Brand: Takara Tomy

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Additional Information

Product Type:
Multi Beyblade Set
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6 Reviews

  • 5
    A great trio of beys

    Posted by Daniel T on Jul 8th 2021

    Of course, Tempest Dragon is the king of this set. It is an extremely hefty beyblade, the heaviest stock combo to date, and is very fun to watch fly around the stadium. Its weight might be to its detriment, though, as it is hard to get a solid banking pattern and maintain it, as it likes to just go to center stage, which doesn't work great. However, when it hits, it hits hard. It's a solid upper mid tier Sparking bey. Naked Diabolos is also a solid bey. It's probably one of the best GT beyblades. I was skeptical of its seemingly weak burst resistance, but it performs quite well. It does lose to most Sparking beys but has solid all around performance. Curse Satan is interesting, being an attack type with a defense layer. Its stock combo is legitimately the worst beyblade I have ever used. The Aero Dash disc is just way, way too light, possibly one of the worst discs in the game. And while Hold Dash has some use for spin stealing combos, and makes this one of the most burst-resistant beys I've ever seen, it has abysmal stamina and defense, and is very difficult to control. This beyblade loses even against most god-layer beys, which is abysmal for a Sparking bey. With part upgrades to become more of a dedicated attack type, something like Blitz Destroy Dash, Curse Satan can become a solid mid-tier attacker, but its stock combo is quite disappointing. Overall, this triple set is a solid recommend. You get two quite good beys and one awful bey that can become much better.

  • 5
    Triple Pack is Awesome!!!

    Posted by Jason Wainwright on May 25th 2021

    Complete and quality 3 oack of Boys here. 2 boosters and the almighty Tempest Dragon. Authentic TT Boys and they are dope af!

  • 5
    I review all of your items here is one video https://youtu.be/LTXjBtcN0iw

    Posted by William Smith on Mar 12th 2021


  • 4
    Not bad

    Posted by Michael Nunberg on Sep 15th 2020

    we like it. The launcher takes a little getting used to. Stamina isn't bad but not very good defense

  • 5
    Triple Booster

    Posted by blake cannon on Sep 3rd 2020

    Shipping was very fast and all beys are amazing, especially Tempest Dragon.

  • 5
    B-171 Triple Booster

    Posted by Michael Guzman on Aug 21st 2020

    I love this set a lot! Being someone who loved the Dragon Beys back in GT/Rise, this was such an awesome buy! I wanna start off by saying I was somehow able to pull the rare chassis Tempest Dragon and Curse Satan! Awesome! Anyways. Onto the review. Tempest Dragon Charge Metal 1A: Everything about this bey is great! From the design of the layer to the nice blue color of the 1A chassis, this bey is great. The Tempest is similar to that of the Imperial layer on Imperial Dragon or the spring attack gimmick on Strike God Valkyrie which I liked a lot. The chassis isn't anything to write home about. We already got 1A on Super Hyperion so it really isn't that special, but it did come in a nice azure blue color this time! Finally the driver: Charge Metal. Being the heaviest driver in the meta, Charge Metal takes inspiration from the Charge driver on the OG Ace Dragon...And just slap metal everywhere. Boom. Done. That's literally it and it's great! Since the tip is now metal, Dragon now has more stamina to work with and with the metal, plus the layer and chassis, Tempest Dragon weighs in at 78 grams! Making it the heaviest stock combo bey! I love this bey so much! Curse Satan Aero' Hold' 1D: I love this bey. A lot. I, like some, wasn't lucky and was never able to get the OG Curse Satan from the random booster, but that all changed when I got this one. This Curse Satan is an Attack type bey despite it having a Defense type layer. The disc, chassis, and driver aren't anything new, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't like this bey. Plus the full purple colored 1D chassis looks sick! Naked Diabolos 11 Wave Goku: Just like the last two, I really like Naked Diabolos. The Gachi Chip is the Diabolos II chip which came with Master Diabolos, the Naked layer was only obtainable through Naked Spriggan, a random booster prize bey, and Goku is one of the heaviest and rarest weights to come across for the mere fact that you can only get it from the Rare Bey Get Battle minigame...which is impossible to win! 11 is one of the lightest discs in the game, so that was kind of a disappointment and, not gonna lie, so was the new driver. Wave is a new driver introduced and well. It's tall. It has good stamina...That's about it. I like the design and everything but to me it's just. Eh. I will say this though. This set is a must buy. You get Tempest Dragon, a really good Attack Type with one of the coolest designs yet, Curse Satan, a bey that was only obtainable in the random booster packs, and Naked Diabolos, a bey that comes with some pretty unique and rare parts. Perfect 10/10 for me!

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