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TAKARA TOMY Burst Spriggan Spread' Fusion'-8 BU Beyblade B-205 - [NO PACKAGING]

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DB Core - Spriggan 2
BU Blade - Burst 
Armor - 8
Forge Disc - Spread'
Performance Tip - Fusion'
Sticker Set

This is from the '
Burst Ultimate VS Set' B-205.  It has been removed from the packaging to sell it individually.

Bey Weight: 

Type: Balance
Spin Direction: Dual
Hasbro Name: Spryzen

Ages: 8+

Compatibility: Beyblade Burst
Condition: NWOP (New Without Packaging)
Brand: Takara Tomy

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Additional Information

Product Type:
Beyblade Booster
Bey Type:
Sub Series:
Sub Series:
Sub Series:
Dynamite Battle Layer System
Bey Weight Range:
Bey Weight:
Spin Direction:
Release Year:
Primary Color:
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5 Reviews

  • 4
    Really good but just one problem.

    Posted by Roman Johnson on Jan 4th 2024

    I love this bey, its really good—just one problem. Something is wrong with the bu core. It is stuck to where i cant get it out. This means no high mode nor left spin. Besides from that its great.

  • 5
    Having recently tested the Burst Spriggan Beyblade, I can confidently say that it is a remarkable spinning top that lives up to the expectations of Beyblade enthusiasts. As someone deeply engaged in the world of Beyblade battles, I was eager to put t

    Posted by Colin A. on Jul 10th 2023

    Having recently tested the Burst Spriggan Beyblade, I can confidently say that it is a remarkable spinning top that lives up to the expectations of Beyblade enthusiasts. As someone deeply engaged in the world of Beyblade battles, I was eager to put this particular model to the test, and it did not disappoint. The Burst Spriggan Beyblade features a visually striking design that immediately captures attention. Its combination of bold red and black colors, complemented by intricate detailing, gives it a fierce and commanding appearance. Not only does it look impressive, but the build quality is also commendable, ensuring a durable and long-lasting Beyblade. When it comes to performance, the Burst Spriggan Beyblade stands out with its exceptional abilities. The centerpiece of this spinning top is the Layer System, which incorporates a unique dual-spinning feature. This innovation allows the Burst Spriggan Beyblade to switch between two distinct modes: "Right-Spin" for offensive attacks and "Left-Spin" for defensive maneuvers. This versatility greatly enhances strategic gameplay and opens up a world of possibilities during battles. Furthermore, the Burst Spriggan Beyblade's Forge Disc and Performance Tip contribute to its outstanding performance. The Forge Disc, with its well-balanced weight distribution, provides stability and control, making it easier to execute precise movements. The Performance Tip offers excellent grip and responsiveness, allowing for swift changes in direction and aggressive attacks. One of the standout features of the Burst Spriggan Beyblade is its Burst System. This unique mechanism adds an element of excitement and unpredictability to battles. When subjected to strong impacts, the Beyblade's top layer can burst open, simulating a burst of power and creating a thrilling burst finish. This feature adds a new layer of strategy, as players must balance aggression with caution to avoid being bursted themselves. Additionally, the Burst Spriggan Beyblade is compatible with the Burst series, meaning it can be interchanged with other Burst system components. This compatibility expands customization options and encourages players to experiment with different combinations, leading to endless possibilities for intense battles and tactical matchups. In conclusion, the Burst Spriggan Beyblade is a truly exceptional spinning top that combines striking aesthetics with impressive performance. Its dual-spinning Layer System, versatile Forge Disc and Performance Tip, and the thrilling Burst System make it a standout choice for Beyblade enthusiasts seeking a dynamic and engaging battle experience. If you're looking to elevate your Beyblade battles to new heights, the Burst Spriggan Beyblade is a top-notch option that won't disappoint.

  • 5
    5 stars

    Posted by Really good on May 8th 2023

    I recommend buying this beyblade, it's really good

  • 5

    Posted by Juan Gonzalez on Jan 19th 2023

    I love this bey. Spriggan is my favorite and to have the last one is special. The core on this one is great because my Astral could not handle a dash driver and had issues with locking into place. This one locks great and looks great. I just wish there was more Blue in the design.

  • 5

    Posted by David on Dec 29th 2022

    Ma toupie préférée. Il était donc normal que j'en acquiert la dernière évolution. Parfaite beyblade. Les deux côtés (rotation horaire, anti-horaire) sont franchement aussi beaux l'un que l'autre. Les détails sont magnifiques, représentant toute la personnalité de Spriggan / Spryzen au fil du temps. Toupie massive également. Le seul défaut de cette Beyblade provient de sa fabrication. Le cœur n'est vraiment pas évident à enlever, comme avec Astral Spriggan. Pareil pour changer la rotation de la toupie, qui demande à traîner un outil supplémentaire. Je croyais que la question avait été résolue depuis World Sprigan. J'ai remplacé la pointe Fusion' qui est la pièce décevante par Unite' afin d'améliorer l'endurance, tout en conservant l'aspect attaque de la toupie de type équilibre. Aussi remplacé Spread' par le disque forgé Over version dorée de Hello Kitty qui me rappelle davantage Requiem en éclatant. J'aime bien ce site, puisqu'il propose un très large éventail de pièces et les prix sont très bons. Le seul soucis c'est le prix de la livraison qui augmente la facture et il n'y a pas beaucoup de possibilité de suivi / mise à jour disponible pour suivre l'état de la commande (je vous conseille de regrouper vos items avant de faire une commande et de chercher des coupons de réduction en ligne). Au départ, j'avais reçu la mauvaise commande. J'ai pu contacter le site qui a rapidement remédié à la situation. Première commande effectuée ici sur BeysAndBricks et je suis satisfait de mon achat !

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