BLUE B-119 BeyLauncher LR Beyblade BURST String Launcher Ripper

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Burst BeyLauncher LR
(A Launcher can also be referred to as Ripper)
-Spins both right and left
-More powerful than standard Burst launchers
-No ripcord required.
Compatibility: Beyblade Burst.  Does not work with Metal Fusion/Fight/Masters/Shogun/Zero-G Beyblade items.
Condition: NWOP (New Without Packaging)
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9 Reviews

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    Updated review

    This launcher started out really good, but got really bad really fast. Plastic wears down really fast so the beys no longer stay on well, and the part that holds the bey comes off the ripper. I also bought a real TT ripper at the same time, that one is still working just fine while this one is no longer usable.

  • 3

    Worked well for the first day before the launcher jammed. I have had to disassemble the launcher a couple of times to re-wind the spring. The launcher prongs where the beyblade attaches are starting to wear a bit so it doesn't grip as well as it did at first. Kids love it though and best launcher for the money.

  • 1
    Not really durable

    I like the style of this ripper the cheap price fits just right these rippers do not last long my son has been through 2 of these BEYS AND BRICKS sent me a defective 1 and there great customer service replied quickly and replaced asap

  • 5
    Really good

    Comparing this to one of the real TT launchers, this one is a tiny bit easier to get jammed, but really this ripper works just as well as the real thing. Powerful launches, gonna have to buy more of these.

  • 5
    it was awesome but you have to rip at full or it will break

    it was awesome rip to max if u don't want it to break

  • 5
    String launcher

    I trust this place!

  • 5
    It is very good

    I like it

  • 1
    String launcher

    String does not retract! Did NOT work at all! Wasted money.

  • 4
    Great intro launcher

    Though not TT, this launcher gets the job done. Compared to TT, it grips the Bey a tad lighter. Would Definitely order again for a quick loaner/replacement.

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